Launch (Virtual) Incubator Program -VIP

(With Our Advanced Program)

[12 Month TAAS] “BizArchitecture – Virtual Incubator Program (VIP)”

The TAAS/Virtual Incubator Program (VIP) was developed to provide technical assistance to experienced and emerging entrepreneurs ready to transform their idea [digital] business [model] to the next level while working in the convenience of their own space–home, office, community, etc.

The TAAS/VIP is a robust, content-rich technical assistance and training platform that leverages a unique user-friendly and intuitive interface. You bring the idea and the VIP tools will guide you toward the launch. This platform is also useful when it comes to expanding into new markets or making modifications to an existing venture.

Take time to explore your business.

Available via the Internet, the program grants access to training materials and resources including:

  • An easily understandable and intuitive interface
  • Business Model Designing Course and templates with instruction
  • Trainings on the 12 core elements of business
  • Business Readiness Assessments
  • Idea feasibility guidance
  • Online library of topics
  • Consultation/Coaching via training portal, email, telephone or video chat
  • In-person consultation and Business Model Design feedback

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