Grow (Accelerator) Program

(With Our Accelerator Program)

[12 Week Think Tank] “BizArchitecture – B360 Quantum Leap Program”

In business, the only surveys that count are actual sales, people voting with their dollars.The BizArchitecture Accelerator program is a launchpad for startups that supports the achievement of early-stage entrepreneurs who are driven to seek out resources necessary to accomplish the US$1 million mark. During the course of 12 weeks, BizArchitecture Accelerator participants’ are connected with leading entrepreneurs and immerse with some of the industry’s most powerful investors and innovators as they attempt to turn their inner brilliant blueprint ideas into full-fledged businesses.

Participants are surrounded by the right resources: unique and ongoing mentorship from successful entrepreneurs, access to top-tier legal and accounting services, opportunities to meet and pitch angel investors and venture capitalists and most importantly a collaborative community of fellow entrepreneurs where they engage in an experience-sharing environment, adopt innovative tools and discover the keys their business has been missing.

This program makes sure that participants are learning and growing throughout the entire process to ensure they are getting the most of their experience. At the end of their tenure, they get to participate in Demo Day, during which they present their plans to the world’s most respected venture capital firms and angel investors.Participants are invited to apply for membership in the BizArchitecture Accelerator Program.


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