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Already familiar with a strong background within the Mortgage Banking Industry at Capitol Estates International (A licensed lender with the Department of Corporations), Shelon Douglas role as the CEO/President and Branch Manager demonstrated records of high achievements. Such in-depth experiences led to positive results and productivity thus creating profitability in every aspect of running a real estate and financial network with lucid, comprehensive, and administrative judgment to innovative projects.

Even though Shelon’s successes placed her on the fast track to higher administrative rewards, she yearned to return to the forefront (see interview on Soul Kisses TV) where she could directly impact kids and young adults. A standards-based lesson guide was developed and produced, which places C.H.A.N.G.E.America-eMBA (featured in Lovick Career Journal Magazine) in the front line for ‘middle-schoolers’ to use financial lesson plans and curriculum mapping for investment guidance.  But she did not stop there in her accomplishments. In addition to the CHANGEAmerica Program, she further created an extended online virtual platform giving ‘high-schoolers’ and ‘college students’ an immersion social network experience through BizTech IQ. A variety of her experiences led to further positive results and productivity, inasmuch as creating profitability as an Insurance Coordinator at the Mutual of Omaha Companies, and Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette Investment Banking Company. Her ever-lasting skills in the versatility of these industries are [being] brought together with both of these Financial [Entreprenuer] Literacy Programs.

From past to present, Shelon’s passion still remains in helping people with their goals and accomplishments. Since 2002, Shelon’s life has been defined by a passionate love for education and public service and has been recently awarded as one of ‘Points of Light’ National Presidential Volunteer ‘Servant Leadership’ Award recognized by White House’–Re-Elected President Barak Obama. She attended and worked at UCLA where later successes gained her a sterling reputation for triggering scholastic improvement on each level and also served as a volunteer board and trustee member (Board Treasurer) for appx. 2 years (2011-2013) to the ‘Los Angeles County Parks Foundation’.  Shelon currently serves as the Head Organizer of the LA ‘Femalepreneur’ Business Owners Group (LAFBO), classified as a Certified Business & Professional Development Coach ‘@Shelly TurnkeyME!’, a Successful Entrepreneur & Business Owner ‘Businesspreneur’ of TurnKey, The Professionals LLC, is a licensed professional with the Department of Real Estate, and a mother of two Aspiring ‘Youthpreneurs’. She also is an active member of a religious and scientific organization, IDMR, and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. You may also visit shelondouglasunlimited.comto view all of her business programs and products she has to offer for business owners of all capacities!


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